The New Trends of BPO Market

Nowadays, the importance of having a social media accounts are somewhat imperatively crucial.Utilizing these networking

Untitledplatforms is undeniably the new form of modern communication because we can express ourselves by simply updating our status and creating attention by posting topics, events, pictures and etc.

With these uplifting trends, BPO market has able to perceive the benefits of these social media providers. The BPO industry has develop a way on reaching potential clients, finding avid customers, job generation and even outsourcing growth opportunities.


The trends related to the incorporation of online communities and social media into outsourcing has gained considerable significance in BPO market report 2013. Improving global efficiency and productivity depends on the fundamental strategies of outsourcing enterprises.

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Drones Hovering Real Estate Properties

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The state of the art technology six-propeller drone has now been used to navigate real estate property to view its aerial angle. It is fitted with a camera powered by a 5-amp battery and a GPS tracking device for guiding navigation.


Military-style technology is helping a Taranaki property photographer reach new heights.

Since December Open2view photographer Deane Riddick has been offering real estate agents a new perspective on property photography.

Mr Riddick has been using a photo drone to capture aerial angles of properties for agents wanting to give clients an elevated view.

His six-propeller drone is fitted with a GoPro camera and powered by a 5-amp battery.

The drone is flown by remote control and is installed with a GPS tracking device for homing navigation.

Drones are becoming an increasingly popular tool in modern warfare, ranging from the British Army’s minuscule Black Hornet surveillance devices, to the state-of-the-art Sentinel used by the United States Air Force, which the Taliban have nicknamed the “Beast of Kandahar” because of its destructive potential.


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Quick and Effective SEO Tips

Quick and Effective SEO Tips

By: Peter Moore


Clean the code of your website. The code of your website (HTML) should be clean, neat and tidy so that robots can scan it well. Copy and paste your code in a word pad and take time adding the right tags in the main copy.

Have a good internal linking structure. Use keywords and links on your homepage to direct readers to other pages on your site. Take your time and create a clean linking structure.

Add related image to your website. Users will appreciate good-looking and relevant images.

Content is still king! Contents should content a lot of relevant keywords. Perform keyword research before posting any content.

“SEO is still the best way to go if you want to improve your rankings. Use the methods listed above and you can ensure that your site ranks well in its niche.”

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Social Media Tips for Realtors

Social Media Tips for Realtors

By: Melissa Chang

Image Link your Facebook to your Twitter. If you’re strapped for time, link it, so that whenever you post on Facebook, it pumps out a tweet.

Don’t talk about real estate all the time. The best realtors on social media post things about their lives: hobbies, food, friends and other personal interests. Every so often, they will post about their listings, articles on real estate, or just closing deals at the office, so you know they’re busy realtors. But most of all, they pay attention to what others are saying, take an interest and join in the conversation.

Start conversations.  If you must talk about real estate, you might occasionally post a question to see who’s paying attention—and see what is important to your customers.

Use visuals. People don’t really read anymore, not even the little bites of information on social media! Enhance your online conversations with visuals, as much as possible.

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Service Management Program to Boost BPO Skills of Students

Service Management Program to Boost BPO Skills of Students

March 2013

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) and the Commission on bpapHigher Education (ChEd) signed a memorandum of agreement to integrate the new Service Management Program (SMP) course into the curriculum of 13 state universities and colleges (SUCs). The purpose of this is to scale up the educational and training programs and equip its talent pool with industry-standard skills.

The said agreement was signed by Benedict Hernandez (BPAP President and CEO) and Dr. Patricia Licuanan (ChEd Chairman) together with Alfredo Ayala (BPAP Chairman), ChEd commissioners, SUC presidents and industry officials.


“We wanted to create and share a well-designed industry-based curriculum to help in preparing the future work force for the IT-BPO [information technology-business-process outsourcing] sector. Through this, we hope not only to raise the competency of the industry but to also lend a hand in developing a more qualified and knowledgeable pool of human resource,” said Ayala.

Licuanan added: “This specialized course aims to prepare students from all types of traditional courses, especially those taking up business administration and information technology, for a career in the IT-BPO [information technology-business-process outsourcing] and GIC industry while still in college. SMP will equip them with the competencies needed for entry-level positions and future career development. Our collaboration with BPAP will surely help in maximizing this program to its potential.”

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