Entrepreneurs in a Virtual World



Hiring a staff for a certain business is a scrupulous process for most of the small to medium entrepreneurs. Thanks to the world of internet technology where businessmen around the globe meet together and do business transactions virtually.  In this manner, sourcing a staff is much more convenient and economical.


IMAGINE having access to a global talent pool – experts ready and waiting around the clock to help build your business.

With almost 50,000 small Aussie businesses using virtual workforces this is the growing trend for budding entrepreneurs.

Civil engineer Adam Griffith set up his own business, 1Ad.com, on the side using graphic designers and web developers from Russia and Ukraine.


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Finding a Virtual Assistant is easy, but looking for reliable one is hard.

The Virtual Assistants of AICOM SOLUTIONS are reliableefficient,organizeflexible and very professional. We take pride in our work and assure our valued clients that we deliver world class quality service.

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