Diversification is the Top SEO Tip for Local Businesses

Diversification is the Top SEO Tip for Local Businesses

By: Sarah Beth

ImageFor small businesses to be able to keep pace with the competition and comprehensive campaigns on SEO, they must learn to optimize the local search strategy. Local search is particularly effective for drawing in customers using a mobile device. Use of proper keywords can be a useful tool.


Your first step in developing a local SEO strategy should be to diversify your online presence. Although Google+ Local is clearly the heavyweight of local search engines, a marketing campaign that relies solely on Google+ is in danger. If anything goes wrong with your Google+ listing, your entire campaign is instantly gone!

There is a plethora of smaller, more specialized search sites that reward a more organic style of promotion. Consider what kinds of link neighborhoods will work best with your business, and then optimize your presence in those neighborhoods in any way you can. The social media neighborhood is a great way for small businesses to interact with their customers, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

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